'Scottish Romantic Guitar' Recording Session

I recently recorded a new album in the beautiful acoustic at Yehudi Menuhin Hall. The album is a project of Scottish inspired music for Romantic guitar.

Look out for the album which is due for realease in early 2016.

POSTED: 26/10/2015 12:04


The challenge for 21st century musicians is creating an audience for music that many people have little experience of and feel has little relevance to their lives.

Finding new venues and opportunities to perform and communicate beyond the traditional concert halls and conservatoires. Taking music into prisons and hospitals, supermarkets and train stations, places where transformational events can occur, introducing people to something they never knew but that can give them great fulfilment.


'The Scottish Ensemble (with James Akers) provided a fantastic opportunity for a number of young men in Polmont to work with, and experience, a musical and cultural experience that they could never have anticipated.

To work with professional musicians, learn from them both musically and morally, was a positive learning experience. The musicians were fantastic and their encouragement and enthusiasm soon rubbed off on those attending the sessions.

From this type of activity the learning outcomes include teamwork, improved communication, improved self-esteem and raised awareness of how other young people interact and behave with others. Every young offender who participated in this learning activity showed real personal development. As the governor of Polmont I was particularly pleased with the application and determination of the young men involved.'

—Derek McGill, Governor, HM YOI Polmont

Having worked giving recitals, master-classes and teaching in traditional institutions including The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Aberdeen University, The Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, as well as Polmont Young Offenders Institution, Glenochil and Low Moss prisons. I’ve gained a wide breadth of experience in communicating the values of music to people from a variety of backgrounds and musical abilities. This experience has led me to believe that music can be appreciated by anyone and to a willingness to actively participate in communicating music across all boundaries within societies.

POSTED: 24/10/2015 19:13